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24/7 RMM(?)Remote Monitoring Management
Incidents per month(?) On average there is 1 incident per month, enter a higher number if you anticipate more incidents
Devices(?) Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers
Servers(?) Physical or VM
Wireless Access Points
Internet/P2P/MPLS Circuits
UPS/Temp/Misc Devices
What is the total supported device count?(?) Desktop, laptop, printer, etc.
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What is the expected split of calls?(?) Between business hours, non-business hours, and weekends.
What are you doing today if a tech is needed onsite?
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Do you need the equipment moved to a different location?
Are there any hardware upgrades being planned?
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Wireless Access Points
Internet/P2P/MPLS Circuits
UPS/Temp/Misc Device


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24/7 On-Demand Technical Support

Experiencing technical difficulties? We can serve as your organization’s Help Desk. We provide technical support on-demand, with 80% of support questions handled by the first contact. Our goal is to ensure prompt and efficient resolutions to IT problems.


  • 100% On-Shore Resources
  • Level 1 through 3 Technicians and Subject Matter Experts
  • First Call Resolution
  • Customized Client Management Portal
  • Custom Application Support
  • Mobile Device Support for iOS, Android and Windows
  • SLA and KPI Reporting
  • Active Directory Account Management

Standard Service Level Agreements

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90 Sec

Average Speed to Answer the phone

60 Min

Response to email based requests


Of issues resolved on the first call

ITIL Support Model

We offers a 24×7 Level 1 and Level 2 Help Desk based on an ITIL support model all staffed on-shore inside the US.

Establish a Rapport

Our 24 x 7 Help Desk call centers are located in California. This ensures that you’re always receiving on-shore support, no matter where in the US you may be located.

Transparency in Everything

We handle your IT issues at your convenience, and we aim for transparency in everything we do.

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